Interactive Investigation

31st January 2017


The task for this brief is to create your own business as well as the website for it. The task is split into different sections, ‘Research my competition’, ‘Devise my media company’, ‘Investigate a local company’, ‘Compose an email about planning may production idea’.

Research Your Competition

Crediton Media

Ive been given this website for a company called ‘Crediton Media’ ( The information which is available form this website is some background information explaining what kind of productions they do (they do it all). This is a quote from their website “We can handle every part of the production process for you”. They give you their contact details in big font to stand out. They have a whole section on how they have the best high quality CD and DVD duplication specialists.

From this website you can hire out camera equipment, a range of DSLR, a high quality video camera and GoPros for a cost, which they list on how long you want to hire them out for. They also give you some information about the cameras on the specs. On the website it says you can hire out different lenses and audio equipment but you have to email them and leave a request.


On the website there is a link to their blog which has information about their hiring system, videos from the company with information about them but thats it. To end the website they have a ‘Contact Us’ section with their contact details. At the top of their website they have links to their Vimeo, YouTube, Email, LinkedIn and Facebook.

The way Crediton Media set out their website is good as there isn’t loads of writing you would have to read they keep it short and sweet. The layout of their website is a colour scheme of black and blue so in my opinion not the best as it isn’t really eye catching to the reader, using these corporate colours sets an image for the business for the client to see if your business would be ideal for their needs. Bad points of the website is some of the links don’t work and some of the information is a bit vague and not relevant.

DigitalCut Productions

I’ve researched production companies within the UK and I came across this one called ‘DigitalCut’ ( who are a company who are based in Exeter. The information available on their website are a lot such as links to their informational videos, Conference filming, promotional videos and corporate videos.

Theres a section about the company about where they’re from and what equipment they use. On their homepage they have a section on their show reels, videos and what equipment they use so the reader can see their productions. At the bottom of the page they have a list of services they do so you can see if if they are what you want. On their Informational Videos page they talk about how they have made “Over 100 Videos” for Exeter university which are “packed with content”.


On their conference media page they talk about how they can recorded all of their conferences and what what equipment they us to make it happen. On their promotional video page they talk about the equipment they use and what promotional videos they’ve done. On the companies corporate video page its very brief on what they’re going on about.

Within they’re website there is a tab which takes you to the companies show reel and a list of clients they’ve worked with. To end the website they have their contact information.

The way Digitalcut is laid out is simple to use, I would say that the colour scheme is black and orange so its a bit more eye catching. The information the website gives you is very wordy and detailed so. Some of the information is repeated so its not ver relevant adding it more than once.

Dragonfly Productions

The next company I looked at is one called ‘Dragonfly Productions’ ( the first thing you notice is a massive slideshow of programmes they’ve produced and what channels they’ve been on. They also say what programmes they produce “Fearless factual television”. It also gives you information on when the company started and some contact information.

The website has a ‘News’ tab which when clicked directs you to a section where it gives you information on what has happened to the business and the date when it happened,  wether they brought a new programme to screen or they changed their logo its on the news. Also o the news section there is another small section of awards the business has won.


On the programmes tab it shows all the programmes Dragonfly produce and screen, 7 pages of programmes. Theres a tab which shows everyone who works for Dragonfly and what their roll is for the company.

As with all the other websites this ends the same with the contact information but this one has their location on Google Maps so you can get directions, it has their full address, phone number, where to go if your interested in working with them, links to their Twitter and Facebook

The Dragonfly website in my opinion was the best out of the three as it was very user friendly, all of the links worked, the content was appropriate and was explained well. i don’t think I can say anything bad about this website as it was very useful and easy.

Devise Your Own New Media Production

For this section I need to think about what line of business I want to go into and create: A name, a logo, a mission statement and a brief outline of my business plan.

The line of business I would like to go into is a freelance company who films and edits their  productions. The company would be called ‘FrontSide Productions’

The logos I have created:

frontside-productions     fsp

The kind of work FrontSide Production will do is film music videos, short movies, corporate videos. The clients who I would work for would be anybody looking for anything I would be able to create.  The prices will be £1,100 per day for a short movie and corporate video, £1000 per day for a music video. Prices will vary depending on shoot time and what equipment is needed. My mission statement would be, ‘We aim to satisfy all clients, with everything they wish for the future’.


Illicit Web Design

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 19.51.17.png

This website  ( is a company who creates websites for other companies.  Illicit have worked for many companies such as they have made promotional sites for Exeter as a whole, so within in the website is tells you about all the restaurants, tourist attractions and shops. Illicit have made websites for airline companies, kitchen appliance companies, over all Illicit have created websites for a range of companies and all of them are as professional as each other.

Email To Illicit About My Company

To Illicit,

I’m writing to you as I have my own company ‘FrontSide Productions’. I specialise in making a range of productions such as music videos, short movies, corporate videos etc. I’m to you as I would like a website made so I can expand my company to other clients easier, and show them all of my work in a more professional and user-friendly way.

The way I would like my website to look is bright, eye-catching and appealing to the client by using colours like black and white which looks more professional than having really bright colours. I would like the website to be user friendly in the way your website is! In the way your links to my work would pop up as an easy link as the client goes further into the website.



I would like it to have a big title and my logo so the client knows what/who the company is. The contents of the home page I would like to have some background information of my company and my contact information on the top and bottom of the page on all of the pages.

My Portfolio

This is where I want links to all my work I have done over the course of my business. I would like this to consist of a short but descriptive information about the production including the client and the equipment used with a ‘Trailer’ (short snippet) of the actual video.

I hope this will be okay for you to do and it would be helping FrontSide Productions out a lot.

Thank you

Manager, Isaac Branch

My Website



With this evaluation I will compare my website to someone else’s and talk about the good point and bad point within them both.



Good Points: The logo is big, eye-catching, simple and memorable. You can see that there are link to other parts of my website

Bad Points: Looks a bit empty, the links are not central (may annoy people)

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 09.59.29.png

Good Points: looks professional and has a great picture which make a good first impression.

Bad Points: The ‘Hey’ is not in the same format as the rest and the looks a empty.

About Page


Good Points: There is another logo, gives the information  the clients want to hear e.g. “A company which create high quality movies.”

Bad Points: could maybe do worth some more information and there is a small spelling mistake.


Good Points: It contains a lot of information which is helpful, the overall look of the page would appeal to the client.

Bad Points: The colour choice isn’t the best for the text as some words you can’t read as they are the same colour.



Good Points: The links direct you to the videos, theres a brief description of each production and there is an arrow which takes you to another page.

Bad Points: The amount of writing is equal which some people may find annoying

Contact Info


Good Points: It contains every way of contacting the company, the message is open so you can pin point exactly what the clients needs.


Good Points: simple, the message is open so you can pin point exactly what the clients needs.

Overall both websites are very similar but if I had to choose one it would be FrontSide as it looks more professional has a range of productions to show and it gives you information about the cost for the clients.



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