Visual Investigation

This section of the course is split into three parts, watch a foreign film and write a review on it, re design a tv show and create a short film based on an emotion.

4th January 2017

Director: Tom Tykwer


Tom was born on the 23rd of May 1965 in Wuppertal Germany, he his known for creating thriller films, some of the big thriller films he has directed are Run Lola Run, Heaven and The International. He started making short sci-fi movies at the age of 11, where Tom befriended filmmaker ‘Rosa Von Praunheim’ who helped him create his own ideas and stories. An idea he had was to record all the arguments him and his girlfriend had and make them into short films. The film ‘Because’ was all about that and was screened in 1992.

In 1994 Tom joined a company ‘X Film Creative Pool’ with a couple of other friends. Tom needed to make a new film to get his name out there and the outcome was ‘Run Lola Run’ and got voted the most successful German film of 1998, this boosted Tom’s fame level through the roof.

Here is a list of films he has directed:

  • Because
  • Epilog
  • Deadly Maria
  • Winter Sleepers
  • Run Lola Run
  • The Princess and The Warrior
  • Heaven
  • True
  • Paris Je T’aime
  • Perfume: The Story Of a Murderer
  • The International
  • Deutschland 09 Segment: Feierlich Reist
  • Three
  • 60 Seconds of Solitude In Year Zero
  • Cloud Atlas
  • Rosakinder
  • Sense 8
  • A Hologram For The King

6th January 2017

Run Lola Run

Run Lola Run is a German action thriller based in Berlin Germany, released in 1998, written and directed by Tom Tykwer. A quick description of the plot is, its about a girl (Lola) who gets a phone call from her boyfriend (Manni) who made a drug deal and left the money on a subway which he needs to give his gangster boss or he’ll die. The whole movie is about three different scenarios on how Lola and Manni acquire 100,000 marks (German currency). The Movies budget was 3.5million marks, the runtime of the production is 81 minutes, In 2010 Tom’s production got rated 86th best film in the world voted by Empire magazine.

Here is a list of awards Run Lola Run had won:

  • Best Actress – Best Actress (1999)
  • Bogey Award – (1998)
  • Bavarian Film Award –  Best Production (1999)
  • Brothers Manaki International Film Fest – Special Jury Award (2000)
  • Chlotrudis Awards – Best Cinematography (2000)
  • Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association Awards – Best Foreign Language Film (2000)
  • Ernst Lubitsch Award – (1999)
  • Florida Film Critics Circle Awards – Best Foreign Film (2000)
  • German Film Awards – German Film Of The Year, Outstanding Feature Film, Best Performance By An Actress, Best Performance By An Actor, Best Director, Best Editing, Best Cinematography (1999)
  • German Film Critics Association Awards – Best Film (1999)
  • Golden Trailer Awards – Most Original (1999)
  • Guild of German Art House Cinemas – German Film (1999)
  • Independant Biennal for Film Music – (2000)
  • Kansas City Film Critics Circle Awards – Best Foreign Film (1999)
  • National Board of Review, USA – Top Foreign Film (1999)
  • Online Film & Television Association – Best Foreign Language Film (2000)
  • Online Film Critics Society Awards – Best Editing, Best Foreign Film Language Film (2000)
  • Seattle International Film Festival – Best Film (1999)
  • Southeastern Film Critics Association Awards – Best Foreign Film (2000)
  • Sundance Film Festival – World Cinema (1999)

Empire Magazine


Empire is a British film magazine and the first copy was published in July 1989. The magazines main publisher is a company called Emap, and is edited by Barry Mcllheney.


For the review we had to watch a foreign movie and write a review on it, the film we watched was called ‘Run Lola Run’, the film is German and the director is called, Tom Tykwer. The review has to be in the style of an Empire review. To do this I looked at one for a different film and annotated it so I know what my review has to include.

Here is my review on Run Lola Run: run-lola-run-review

We also had to annotate an Empire review here is mine:





10th January 2017

Task 2 – TV

For this task we looked at two magazine shows and analysed them on how they look and how they’re portrayed on TV. We also looked at a video on how The One Show is made before it goes on air.

Production Roles within The One Show are:

  • Director
  • Camera operator/supervisor
  • Researcher
  • Guest Booker
  • Presenters
  • Sound Operator
  • Guest
  • Producer
  • Visual Mixer

The construction of the show is:

  • Research on current events for the show on the night
  • Meetings
  • Someone has a board full of post it notes on different topics the show can use.
  • Rehearsal
  • Broadcast the live show

Analysis of the two magazine shows

The Graham Norton Show

Lighting: Dark, Spotlight on Presenter and guests

Set Design: Christmas decorations (It was a new years episode), Big screen, Live Audience, Big sofa, Fancy items on a small table, overall it was a busy set

Graphics: Flashy and Eye-catching

Use of Colour: Dark colours, Blue, Purple, Gold (Rich colours)

Camera Positioning: W/S, C/U, M/S

Presenters: Graham Norton wearing a fancy suit, Informal as he tells jokes to the audience and the way he sits on his chair.

Target Audience: 18+ as the programme is on later at night and contains themes viewers may find offensive.

The One Show

Lighting: Bright, Blue, Red and White (Patriotic)

Set Design: Live Audience, Big green sofa, Small table, Overall very basic

Graphics: Bright, Short, Eye-catching, Green screen

Use of Colour: Blue, Red, White, this is because the programme is by the BBC which is British

Camera Positioning: C/U, W/S, M/S

Presenters: Two Presenters, Male and Female so it appeals to both parties

Target Audience: 15+ this is because its on an earlier time so more people can watch it and it viewer friendly.

The Role of A Set Designer

A set designer is someone who designs the set of the production, this involves props, lighting, make-up and location. The set designer needs to work with the director of the show/production to bounce ideas off each other saying what will look better, they also need to work out lighting issues.

The set designer constructs the set design by either making a 3D animated design, Floor plan, a sketch or a 3D modal to show in a more realistic way what the set will look like.



A famous set designer is Ken Adams who creates the sets for the James Bond movies, he also designed the car in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. He was born in 1921 in Berlin and died last year (2016) in his London home at 95.


13th January 2017

 TV Show To Re-Design

Me and callum have decided the show we want to redesign is the game show ‘Countdown’ but with a twist of ‘Scrabble’. With the given letters you can make up a word, but you have to give a definition, example and a way it can be used. With the letters they have a number on them which is how many points you get from using that letter.

Floor Plan


Concept Art


Re-Designed Logo



Short Film Based On An Emotion

To start this task me and Callum created a mind map of all the emotions we could think of and what ideas we could do for them. once we did this Emily (lecturer) she explained that the ideas we had were for a narrative and not a visual point. The whole point of this task is to create a short film with no narrative but has to visually match your chosen emotion.

Here is the mind map:

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 22.51.46.png













The film idea me and Callum came up with is a montage of clips of objects which satisfy people, the way we came up with the items was going and asking people what you you like to see within this production. The items we used were silly string being sprayed, confetti, party poppers and many more, The title of the movie is called ‘Perception’.

Experimental film

The Big Shave

The experimental film that we watched in class with Charlie (lecturer)  was called ‘The Big Shave’. The overall film was a rather confusing to pin point a distinctive narrative. I felt that the film itself could have got their point across better in the way that you visually see the film but this is the whole point of a metaphoric production. For example the film is about a discharged American citizen that fought in Vietnam War. Some people say that the blood in the film represents the red of the American flag and also represents the blood shed from the soldiers that fought in the war as well.

Final Movie


The good things about our film:-

  • The slow motion shots went really well and that the shots weren’t  too jumpy when we slowed them down
  • Everything that we wanted to use (product wise) we were able to get at a good price.
  • The products that we used and the ideas we had for them came to us quickly so we were able to complete all the filming in one day and then we were able to edit for more longer.
  • The lighting on the footage was good so we were able to adjust the colours to make it look more professional on the editing.
  • All of our ideas were easy to film, we were also able to get quite a lot of test shots done so we could get the best shots out of each product.
  • Coming up with ideas was not very difficult due to we already had a small idea of what we wanted to do and we could easily find what we wanted to use
  •  When we decided what emotion we wanted to do we were able to chose it pretty easily, but we also did some research on similar videos to see what sort of thing we had to make and what made a good video.


The bad things about our film:-

  • We didn’t add all of the products into the film, we filmed other shots but we weren’t able to add them into the film as they were on a different source of media.
  • Some of the things we had to re-do like the silly string and bouncy balls as they were hard to get right straight away.
  • The confetti going off was out of focus so we had to reshoot a couple of times get it right so that we could get good footage.


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