4th November 2016

This blog post is all about showreels which is a part of Deans lessons. Here are a list of items to do with showreels. At the start and end of the showreel have your name/company’s name to show when you are and who to contact. Have a title of your showreel (it can be as simple as ‘Showreel 2016’). different camera shots you can have within your showreel can be, extreme close up, Out of focus, Effects after you’ve filmed (after effects), static shot, you can include brand names, low angle shot, jump cuts, lots of variety of subjects, slow motion, lots of colour to make your showreel eye catching and memorable, time lapse and use different filters.

15th November 2016

A showreel is a bunch of clips that either you or a company has produced to show off your work over an amount of time.

Here is a mind map I made with information about showreels and what they should include.


16th November 2016

The footage included within my showreel is:

  • c/u-m/s of fire
  • c/u of someones face
  • time-lapse of a busy street
  • c/u of swings going from out of focus into focus
  • w/s someone playing the drums
  • w/s people walking up to a barrel of fire
  • slow-motion shot of someone running down a hall
  • w/s someone skating
  • time-lapse someone sitting on a bench as the traffic goes by
  • slow-motion shot of two people facing away from the fire
  • sped up shot of the fire
  • m/s of someone playing the bass
  • m/s someone playing the drums
  • c/u clock tower going out of focus into focus
  • m/s of a singer
  • m/s of two males holding weapons
  • m/s someone wiping a side down, zooms out into a w/s
  • l/s a church going out of focus into focus
  • c/u of a rear view mirror and someone looking into it
  • low angle w/s of someone skating through the town
  • c/u-m/s crossover clips of someone eating food
  • e/cu someone singing into a microphone
  •  m/s someone playing drums
  • c/u someone grabbling a pick axe, low angle shot of someone dragging it
  • c/u someone walking in slow-motion fading out
  • c/u-m/s someone tied up to a barrel

My showreel shows a variety of footage I have done over the year. The footage I have used shows my previous projects I have done such as: Tell A story project, Music Video project, my hobbies e.g. Drumming on my YouTube channel and my bands videos, Film Recreation project, Short Film about fear and an Advert Project.

Within the footage used I have edited some of it to either speed it up or slow it down, this shows that I can use the software effectively. I also captured some shots of different locations which shows that i can film a variety of different subjects, this is shown as i can shoot items such as skating, music videos, adverts, location shots and short films.

My Showreel



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